ROBETEK’s Innovative Offerings

ROBETEK Innovative Solutions

Functional Prototypes, Motion Solutions for Diverse Markets.  Linear and Rotary options

Our offering brings the world’s attention to innovative and exciting technologies.  We are practitioners in biomimetic (a field where robotic mechanisms are developed based on biologically inspired models), we really feel that there is no need to reinvent the wheel.  We find Divine inspiration in nature, and we  are particularly excited about those creative prototypes and processes that can be applied to mimic the movements of birds, animals and insects, and we’re working hartkmz-f (1)d to outfit our prototypes with high-torque, high-speed, small size and low weight, to achieve high dynamic acceleration. We’re intrigued by the unique shapes and the efficient ratios found in nature of both animate and inanimate objects.  Nano and sub-atomic structures,  yes;  we believe that some of the solutions to man’s pressing problems is right under his nose.   Our goal, through innovation is to elevate our offerings from mere toys or novelties to captivating techniques, groundbreaking processes, useful tools and efficient functional machinery.

Robotic & Industrial Motion Control Applications

  • Multiple-Axis Robotic Arm
    Electronically Commutated DC Motors make Robotic Arm Lighter
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    Software robots automate processes between applications, portals, websites, and other data sources

    • Parallel Robots 
    • Collaborative Robots 
    • Articulated Robots 
  • Robotic Rover
    Mobile intelligence “offroad”
  • Product Controlled Production & Manufacturing Robots
    Positioned accurately, held securely
  • Acrobatic Top
    Spherical Vehicle with balancing drive
  • 3-4-5-Axis CNC Machine
    New compact 5-axle CNC machine makes production of small components easy.XYZ_LST_Assembly
  • Nano and MicroMotors
    Micromotors assist movement of six legged robot
  • Humanoid Service Robot
    Microdrives Gives Humanoid Service Robots Human Traits
  • Crane Camera
    Electronically controlled camera crane inspires photographers and videographers
  • Rapid Prototyping Machine
    Small DC motors for long-term application in laboratory diagnostics
  • Customized Packaging
    Miniature Drives for the redesign of a cutting plotter
  • Automated Test Probes
    Drives for flying probes: small, light and powerful
  • Multiple-Axis Robotic Arm
    Electronically Commutated DC Motors make Robotic Arm Lighter
  • Efficient Alternative Energy Options
    Automating Efficient Solar Energy Harvesting Thru Smart Machines & Processes