ROBETEK Design Labs

As a research development operation, ROBETEK opened its doors for insight into processes and a look at new capabilities in the growing field of IoT,  (Internet of Things), (AI)  Artificial Intelligence & smart devices and machines.

We’ve been modest about our abilities and processes, but rest assuredly that this is just the beginning of an ongoing masterful conception of innovative ideas and products.

From design to applicationlaunchpad-c2000-f28377s-angle

Managing & Enhancing The Control Of Motion

ROBETEK’S automated milling, machining, & designs

We feature a complete range of dedicated services

that include:

  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Screw Machining
  • Electro Mechanical Assembly and Fabrication
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence/Internet of Things


IoT Industry 4.0 implementationMotion_Controllers_-_ACR9000_Motion_Controller_EMN_zm

  • Factory and process automation
  • Implementing Software Tools for Engineers

We feature a complete range of industrial automation technologies

  • Machine building and Fabrication
  • Motion control mechanisms, drives and feedback systems, motor and automation technologies

Circuit design & proof of concept prototyping & Fabrication

  • Specializing in IoT design, as it relates to connected devices & industrial automation
  • Network Systems, embedded application processes
  • Robotic engineering & prototyping