A Learning Process

Τhe natural ebb and flow of life  as found in nature


Imagine having a dream when you were fifteen, now imagine that same dream becomes reality in your mid 60s. Your dreams has not faded, your passions has just been postponed.  In these later years I really do feel a flow – taking on big challenges seems natural and rewarding, personally; I’m loving it, and such is the rhythm of life.

It’s easy in this 24-7-365 world to assume that the hammer needs to be constantly on the metal.  Everything has it’s own times and seasons, our creator made it that way. Always delving deep into nature, or what occurs naturally, I’ve found solace in how easily answers present themselves.  Being older, more experienced and attaining a level of maturity has made me a deeper thinker, I tend to think things through, being less impulsive, listening rather than talking, observing my surroundings more, taking more walks to observe simplistic, naturally occurring processes and phenomenon, putting myself and personal pursuits out of the way in order to give ear to what others present as solutions.  This does not mean surrendering to gullibility, or being naïve, being opened minded is not the same as susceptibility, because we’re taking in and giving ear to the facts in order to make the right decision; it’s just the right thing to do.

Innovate something wonderful, utilizing digital design tools and mastering the skills and determination to harness them.